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What a great goat hunting season!

There’s no other way to describe our Alaska mountain goat hunting season than perfect.

Our hunters went 9-for-9 on their trips, posting another 100-percent season. The best part of the trips wasn’t the dry weather or even going 9-for-9, but rather the size of the goats our hunters were able to take down.

“All of the goats ranged from 8 ¼ to 10 ¼ in length and all had big, big bodies,” said Hans, your Alaska mountain goat hunting guide. “Some goats just have genetics and good horn growth and we were able to spot them and take them down.”

One of the goats will end up scoring more than 50 points, which is good enough to be put in the Boone and Crocket all-time book. We had plenty of chances to take a few smaller Billie’s, but people who come hunt in Alaska want the Boone and Crocket goats and that’s what Southeast Alaska Guiding tries to deliver.

Mountain Goat Hunts Alaska

Because the weather was dry, and the visibility was good, Hans and the hunters were able to explore new territory in the Southeast Alaskan Mountains and a few times they walked right into a herd of goats with several big billies. The hunters we able to spot the mountain goats from long range and take them from sometimes as long as 500 yards, which is always exhilarating.

Soon, we will have up a few stories of the hunts and some new photos and videos. If you want to be part of our incredibly successful and outstanding Alaskan mountain goat hunts or other big game hunting in Alaska, click here.

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