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Alaskan Brown Bear Hunting Video

All Alaskan brown bear hunters, resident or non-resident, hunting in Unit 4 (Alaskan Brown Bear Hunting Video), which includes where we will be hunting, must watch and acknowledge the video, “Take a Closer Look” before you obtain your permit.

The video is to designed to help hunters determine the difference between male and female bears. It’s in a response because of a large harvest of female bears in the area, mostly by local hunters.

Southeast Alaska Guiding only takes large, trophy male brown bears.

To view the video, click here  http://vimeo.com/30511231. The video is also available for loan at Fish & Game offices, and it can be purchased online athttp://www.outdoorsdirectory.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=370.

Produced in 1990 by the Yukon Government, the video is 1 hour 9 minutes long and is split up into four parts. There are three quizzes to help determine the sex of the bears, while a narrator gives valuable guidance on identifying the bears.

There are lots of clips of bears in action in similar situations most hunters are faced during the spring Alaskan brown bear hunts — along the shoreline and in the brushy grass.

Females are extremely important to the conservation of brown bears. Cubs can’t live without their mothers, and successful litters from mothers are typically once every four years. Sows don’t have cubs until they’re seven years old too. So losing a brown bear could possibly take away five or six potential bears.

So please watch the video, get informed, and get excited about our upcoming spring and fall brown bear hunts!

Take a Closer Look from ADF&G on Vimeo.

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