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Alaska Hunting Movies

There is much to look forward to when you schedule a hunting expedition with Southeast Alaska Guiding. We’re quick to point out the beauty of the wilderness which all of our customers trek through during their guided hunts. We’ve posted many articles about the kinds of animals you can track and shoot.

However, while talking about these parts of the Alaska hunting experience can convey some of that thrill to our readers, nothing beats actually seeing it with your own eyes. Any blog readers who may be considering scheduling a hunting expedition with Southeast Alaska Guiding but are still unsure may be able to make up their minds after viewing our movie page.

This portion of our website includes four videos that capture images, audio and video from previous hunts. Anyone who wonders how an actual brown bear, black bear or mountain goat hunt is conducted can watch an entire hunt from boat departure to kill in these videos.

Take just a couple of minutes when you get the chance and look at any of these movies and see how lost you can get in the nature of the hunt. The brown bear hunting video, for example, shows how our vessel, the Northern Star, brings our hunters to their camp location across the pristine waters along the Alaskan coast. It’s not unusual for our guests to see large aquatic animals leaping into the air from the water, as this video shows.

These video clips are edited together so that our guests have an idea of our entire process in about 10 to 15 minutes. We even show how quickly and effectively we’re able to take down bears while on the hunt.

Here at Southeast Alaska Guiding, we hold every aspect of the hunting experience in high regard and we love sharing those memories with others. If you’re looking to take on a new adventure in your life, give our videos a glance or two and call us to schedule a spot during our next hunting season.


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