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2020-12-19 03:12

A very big bodied 9” inch billie went down!!!

What an adventure! I first contacted Hans a couple of years ago about my first big Mountain hunt - the majestic mountain goat. The year 2020 has been a tough year as I battled and beat lymphoma. I trained during and after treatment. Hans met me at the baggage claim as soon as I landed. We spent a couple of nights in Juneau due to weather. It was fun walking around Juneau. After a mostly day[...]

2019-10-09 07:08

After enjoying a few days of beautiful weather

After enjoying a few days of beautiful weather, the crew of Southeast Alaska Guiding and their hunters braved the winds, rain and seas to one again come out on the wining end of our fall bear hunt.  [...]

2018-10-24 11:26

2018 GOAT HUNT By Gerald Puckett

In the spring of 2018 I decided I wanted to go Mountain Goat Hunting. I’ve done my research and decided on Southeast Alaska Guiding, Hans Baertle. I was concerned about my age. At 59 maybe I had waited too long. I contacted Hans and booked my hunt.  I’m a logger and considered myself to be in good shape. [...]

2018-09-30 11:19


A Brown Bear has been on my “bucket list” for many years. After thoroughly researching several outfitters from different areas, I selected HANS BAERTLE’S Southeast Alaska Guiding for my hunt of a lifetime. I could not have made a better decision.  [...]

Mark Van Dyke | 2018-01-07 16:21

My Goat Hunt

  By Mark Van Dyke ​     [...]

2017-05-25 08:06

A Birthday Bear

My brother Larry booked our first trip to Alaska in early 2014. It was for a brown bear hunt in the spring of 2015 but due to our outfitter "selling out" we rebooked for a 12 day hunt in the spring of 2017 with Hans Baertle of Southeast Alaska Guiding and his wife Nataliia. The first 10 days were filled with a lot of good food, laughs and several bear sightings.  [...]

2017-04-22 13:01

Let the season begin!

As dawn broke this morning on a beautiful yet chilly morning here in Southeast Alaska I found myself once again cruising south down the Gastineau canal headed for our old hunting grounds on Admiralty island. Today starts my ninth season aboard the Northern Star cruising the western shores of Admiralty in search of giant Bruins. The boat is fully stocked with provisions and all set for a month of a[...]

2017-04-16 08:10


My first moment of unreasonable confidence took place approximately 3 years ago at the end of a Dall sheep hunt in the Alaskan range with guide Coke Wallace. The Dall was the last on my list for North America sheep. The hunt was challenging but not exhausting like the Rocky Mountain big horn (terrain) and the Marco Polo (terrain and altitude). I thought to myself: “Well, that wasn’t [...]

2017-04-13 18:07

Take a Closer Look from ADF&G, how to judge trophy bears

The first 12-minutes of this video offer an excellent tutorial in judging the gender and age of brown bears. Wildlife viewers can definitely benefit from this, as well as hunters. After watching this I find I do not look at brown bears the same way - I note head size and shape, ears, neck, overall build and stature. It's insightful.   [...]

2017-03-27 01:23

Mike Candela's October 2014 Goat Hunt with Hans And Nataliia

It was the second day of this vessel-based mountain goat hunt in southeast Alaska with Hans Baertle of Southeast Alaska Guiding. With only 10 hours of light in mid-October, the hunt was a constant race against time. The hike would begin at sea level and rise up to 5,000 feet at the mountain peak. All 10 hours of daylight would be needed to make the hike and return safety to shore before nightfall.[...]

2017-03-21 12:17

Story of Len Onorato's 2016 Fall Brown Bear Hunt

This is a short synopsis of my fall Brown Bear hunt on Admiralty Island Alaska. I contacted quite a few Guides and outfitters in my quest for a Brown Bear. I lived in Alaska and personally new a few Guides. I’ve hunted a very large Grizzly Bear in the Taku River and a nice Black Bear in the Wrangle Mts. I always read about Admiralty Island and wanted to go hunt the Brown bear. So, I did some[...]

2017-03-11 18:03

2016 Fall Brown Bear Hunt

The sun was shining when we left town to start out on our annual fall hunt for brown bear. The pink salmon run was poor this season with many creeks having a poor showing of pinks. However sometimes that can be to your advantage leaving bears lesser places to catch their fish. Bert Hickey ex NYCity firefighter was the first to pull the trigger on a large boar. Bert was sitting on the ground leani[...]

2017-02-17 14:56

2016 Mountain Goat Review

Rainy and windy conditions on our first hunt onOctober 16 did not prevent us from being successful on our first climb. 70 year old Skip Donau anchored his 8 1/2 " Billy with a single 425 yard shot on the side of the mountain at the 1000 foot level. His much younger partner connected with a 9 1/2"Billy a couple of days later at an even lower elevation. Sunshine was the norm on the second [...]

2017-02-10 07:46

2016 Spring Brown Bear Review

Spring came early in 2016. By the time we started hunting the sedge was growing everywhere along the beaches and tidal flats. Bears were already out in numbers foraging for grass when we arrived in our guide use area in unit 4 Admiralty Island on April 25th. Despite rainy and windy conditions our first two hunters from Pennsylvania were presented with opportunities right from day one. On the eveni[...]

2017-01-19 09:14

2016 Fall Brown Bear Hunt

The sun was shining when we left town to start out on our annual fall hunt for brown bear. The pink salmon run was poor this season with many creeks having a poor showing of pinks. However sometimes that can be to your advantage leaving bears lesser places to catch their fish.  Bert Hickey ex NYCity firefighter was the first to pull the trigger on a large boar. Bert was sitting on the ground[...]

2015-09-14 16:11

Online Registration for Mountain Goat Hunt - 2015

  http://seaguiding.com/OnlineRegistrationMountainGoat.pdf http://seaguiding.com/Online_Registration_Mountain_Goat.pages [...]

2015-10-14 14:17

This old boy commands a lot of respect!

He was tagged and collared way back in 1981 by ADF&G. It was one of their first bears they ear tagged and collared with a transmitter as they started their research program back then. They lost track of him in 1985 when his transmitter quit sending signals. [...]

2015-09-14 13:47

2015 Spring Brown Bear Hunt Report

After a mild winter with low snow levels even in higher elevations spring came early to Southeast Alaska and also to the rest of the state. Brown Bears were out earlier than usual. It was sunny the morning of April 27 when we untied our 50 foot vessel Northern Star and headed out on our first hunt. [...]

2014-11-09 06:29

2014 Mt. Goat Season Review

When we headed out on our first Mt. Goat hunt on October 16 the weather showed itself from the sunny side. Cruising down Stephens Passage the water was flat calm you could think it was July and not the middle of October. [...]

2014-12-02 05:45

The 2014 fall season started Sept. 15 with a Brown Bear Hunt.

The Whale Bears. The 2014 fall season started Sept. 15 with a Brown Bear Hunt. After a rather wet summer and a stormy finish during the commercial king salmon troll fishery we were ready to trade salmon spoons and hootchies for bear guns and binoculars. Our Hunter Dave Andrus arrived Sept. 14 in Juneau and was ready to try his luck for Alaskan Brown Bear. With blue skies and sparkling sunshine we[...]

2014-09-02 04:53

Applying For Hunting License, Big Game Tag and Registration Permits Online.

Fall is in the air. The signs are easy to tell. Nights are getting colder and the alder  leaves are slowly turning color. A few days ago we were still out on the high seas  trolling for Kings and Cohos. After delivering the last trip to the fish plant and  scrubbing salmon scales and blood off the deck we were heading home with thoughts  of the upcoming fall hunting season [...]

2014-06-26 12:22

The one that didn’t get away

Late last spring, two ranchers from North Dakota, David and Craig, came up to Admiralty Island to go on a Alaska guided hunt for brown bear with Hans and Charlie, Southeast Alaska Guiding’s other guide. The group was nearing the verge of coming away empty-handed, which, let’s face it, can happen from time-to-time when searching [...]

2014-06-26 12:20

Fall hunting season and close encounters

By Erich Neuhaus Alaska Black bear hunting season is just about underway with the first hunt taking place September 1. Fall hunting is an exciting season as Southeast Alaska Guiding will experience ongoing hunts and expeditions from September 1 through November 30.  With black bear hunts running through mid-September, Alaska brown bear hunting season beginning [...]

2014-06-26 12:17

Goat hunting time in the Southeast Alaska coastal range

Mountain Goat hunting is underway in the Southeast Alaska coastal range Hans has a few hunts scheduled until Thanksgiving. Alaskan Mountain Goat hunting is a little bit different than Alaska brown bear hunting or Alaskan black bear hunting, mostly because you move from the beach up to the mountains. In fact, Hans recommends his guided [...]

2014-06-26 12:11

What a great goat hunting season!

There’s no other way to describe our Alaska mountain goat hunting season than perfect. Our hunters went 9-for-9 on their trips, posting another 100-percent season. The best part of the trips wasn’t the dry weather or even going 9-for-9, but rather the size of the goats our hunters were able to take down. “All of [...]

2014-06-26 12:09

A Thanksgiving of a lifetime

Not too many people like to stray from their families during Thanksgiving. It’s a special holiday celebrated with great food, great people while taking in the American tradition of watching football. But Jesse Place wanted to forgo the turkey and football to participate in another sport in at a location he may never get the [...]

2014-06-26 12:07

Alaskan Brown Bear Hunting Video

All Alaskan brown bear hunters, resident or non-resident, hunting in Unit 4 (Alaskan Brown Bear Hunting Video), which includes where we will be hunting, must watch and acknowledge the video, “Take a Closer Look” before you obtain your permit. The video is to designed to help hunters determine the difference between male and female bears. [...]

2014-06-26 12:04

Good Things Come for Those who Wait

Harry Carson and Danny Housekeeper patiently waited four years to come back to Admiralty Island on the Southeastern coast of Alaska. The last time they were there, a mix between bad luck and bad weather saw their Alaskan spring brown bear hunt with guide Hans Baertle come up empty-handed. Heavy snow throughout the week put [...]

2014-06-26 12:03

Equipment for Bear Hunters

Any huntsman will need the proper supplies when out tracking game. Without the right equipment, a hunter can find himself at a clear disadvantage on the trail. Poor planning can lead to a wasted day of hunting, so make sure to take plenty of time during the offseason to get yourself ready. Picture it like [...]

2014-06-26 11:59

Equipment for Goat Hunters

The Alaskan wilderness includes some very harsh lands that are only suited for the roughest adventurers in the country. This region is the setting for some incredibly stories of human resilience, which is why packing the right equipment is crucial when hunting in the Alaskan wilderness, especially when you’re hot on the trail of a  [...]
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