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Good Things Come for Those who Wait

Harry Carson and Danny Housekeeper patiently waited four years to come back to Admiralty Island on the Southeastern coast of Alaska.

The last time they were there, a mix between bad luck and bad weather saw their Alaskan spring brown bear hunt with guide Hans Baertle come up empty-handed. Heavy snow throughout the week put a damper on the hunts and the brown bears they saw weren’t big enough to take.

They knew there were bigger ones out there.

Despite taking the time and effort to come all the way to Alaska from Pennsylvania, Danny and Harry weren’t discouraged from their experience and came back this year to capture the brown bears they’ve been waiting for since 2009.

Not only did they accomplish taking two large male brown bears — they were able to head to the mainland and take two trophy black bears too.

“It was definitely a nice bonus,” said Hans, who guided the pair through the Alaskan wilderness.

Getting that bonus is easier said than done though, especially since Danny and Harry found out how challenging hunting in Alaska can be.

So the heat was on to harvest a few bears this time out, and on the third day of the trip, Hans, Danny and Harry weren’t going let this bear get away.

After finding this big brown bear walk out of the opposite side of the meadow they were looking on to, the stalk was began. Hans, Danny and Harry set off to track down the moving beast as the sun was starting set.

It was a race to get to the bear and before it got too dark.

The bear, which Hans said was perfect as soon as he placed his eyes on it, moved over a rise, so everyone followed the bear up the hill and camped out on the crest with a big rock and fallen tree acting as camouflage for the crew. There was one problem, though.

When they peered over the rise, the bear was gone.

At this point it was starting to get really dark.

“He must’ve heard us,” Hans explained. “Three people in rain gear, it was quiet — no wind.  He got suspicious so he left.”

Twenty minutes later, hoping the big 9-foot brown bear would return to the open area where the crew was looking on to from the crest of the rise, he did. Hans said he could barely see the crosshairs through his scope it was getting so dark, and when Danny got the OK to shoot, he didn’t hesitate and took the bear down right in his tracks from 80-yards out.

“If it would’ve gone on any longer, another five minutes, we wouldn’t have been able to take it,” Hans said. “It worked out pretty good. It was great.”

On the very next day, Harry had his chance to take his bear at the same meadow.

Sure enough, another large bear came out, very cautiously. The Hans Danny and Harry were only able to get within 140 yards of the bear as to not to spook the already suspicious bear. That didn’t turn out to be a problem.

Harry had steady aim and took the 8 1/2-foot bear from 140-yards out.

The trip was already a major success, but with a few more days left before the hunters had to head back to Pennsylvania, Danny and Harry agreed to make a location change to head for the Southeastern mainland of Alaska to go black bear hunting.

It was a decision both didn’t regret, as both took down big 7-foot black bears as a little bonus for their patience from last time out.

The old adage that “Good things come to those who wait,” certainly came true this trip.

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