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Equipment for Goat Hunters

The Alaskan wilderness includes some very harsh lands that are only suited for the roughest adventurers in the country. This region is the setting for some incredibly stories of human resilience, which is why packing the right equipment is crucial when hunting in the Alaskan wilderness, especially when you’re hot on the trail of a mountain goat.

Often seen in photos standing atop a cliff or mountain, a crisp blue or gray sky in the background, the mountain goat is a majestic creature to be admired and feared for the environment they call home. Since its feet are made for climbing rocky slopes, good luck trying to seize it in its natural habit if you don’t have the right equipment. You need to be physically able, because male goats can grow up to and sometimes over 300 lbs. That is a big beast!

Below is a list of equipment needed for hunting goats:

1 Hunting pants (fleece,wool,polarguard)

1 set of waterproof white camouflage (jacket, pant or bib), non-insulated available at cabelas waterfowl catalog

1 set of lightweight rain gear

1 pair of mountain boots, waterproof, insulated and well broken in

1 pair of gaitors

1 pair comfortable camp shoes

2 long sleeved shirts (wool,polarguard)

1 Hooded polarguard sweatshirt

1 warm sweater

1 heavy hooded hunting jacket, parka

2 sets heavy weight thermal underwear (tops and bottom)

1 set medium weight thermal under wear

3 pair heavy wool boot socks

White stocking hat

Insulated white gloves or wool gloves, mittens

Medium sized pack with internal frame to carry pers. items, packing meat, some packs have a build-in rifle carrying boot

1 head lamp

1 water bottle, quart size


Long range rifle, recommend .300 Win. Mag or similar caliber

2 boxes of ammo

For emergencies 1 thermal space blanket and small first aid kit

Lighter or waterproof matches

Personal items such as toiletries, pain reliever, motion sickness, extra glasses/contact lenses, reading material(nights are long) etc.

If you follow this equipment list, you will have an eye-catching trophy in no time! Remember, dress in layers!

Southeast Alaska Guiding wants to make sure that all of our guests are well prepared for a long hunting trip. Plan properly so you can focus on the hunt and not on what you forgot.


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