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Equipment for Bear Hunters

Any huntsman will need the proper supplies when out tracking game. Without the right equipment, a hunter can find himself at a clear disadvantage on the trail. Poor planning can lead to a wasted day of hunting, so make sure to take plenty of time during the offseason to get yourself ready.

Picture it like this: You’re out with a small group in the Alaskan wilderness. You thought that it was going to be the tundra, so you’re bundled up in a jacket and a parka, with an extra sweater just in case. Of course, as many from Alaska would know, temperatures regularly climb into the 70s during the month of June. Not only are you sweating profusely while your trailmates are comfortable in much lighter clothes, you’ve also wasted a lot of crucial space to store equipment or anything you’ve caught.

The backpack you use while hunting is almost as important as the gun you bring. Your pack must be able to carry everything you’d need for an expedition. Some hunting trips can last for a few days, making the ability to transport a lot of equipment incredibly important. Your pack will also likely be useful for carrying at least some of your kill. We recommend that our visitors bring a day pack with enough room to carry clothing, ammo and personal supplies.

For clothing, you will want to pack a lot of lightweight options that are useful for hot and cold situations. You’ll want to think in terms of layers; we’ve conducted hunts in weather ranging from zero degrees to 70 degrees, and you’ll want to be able to bundle or dress down accordingly. You’ll also want clothing for different environments. Wool socks may keep your feet warm in cold weather, but if you have to cross a stream without waiders, wet wool will cause problems during the rest of your hunt.

You should have optical equipment to aid your vision while hunting. Some hunters obtain infrared cameras and more, but we only recommend a pair of 8×42 binoculars. Besides a rifle and ammunition, hunters should also bring personal care items like a water bottle, sunscreen, trail food and a bright head lamp. You may also want to bring reading material to pass the time while waiting for game to appear.

Southeast Alaska Guiding wants to make sure that all of our guests are well prepared for a long hunting trip. Plan properly so you can focus on the hunt and not on what you forgot.

For your convenience, here’s the equipment list:

1 Grundens or Helly Hansen rain jacket for outer layer in heavy weather

1 Cortex bib or waist high waiders

For fall hunts waist high neoprene waiders instead

1 Pair waiding boots with airbob or lug soles for above waiders

I Cortex hunting jacket or parka with hood

1 Fleece Jacket or hooded fleece sweatshirt

Stocking hat or bill cap


2 Long sleeved shirts( polar guard or wool)

1 Hunting pants, medium wool or polarguard

3 Sets of thermal underwear(tops and bottom)

3 Pair of heavy wool boot socks

1Pair of comfortable camp shoes

Bright head lamp with spare batteries

Day pack

Waterproof bag for camera and other items

Water bottle

Thermal space blanket and small first aid kit

Binoculars 7 or 8×42

Large caliber rifle such as .375H&H, .338 Mag. Scope with 42 mm objective and illuminated recticle recommended

2 boxes of ammo


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