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Applying For Hunting License, Big Game Tag and Registration Permits Online.

Fall is in the air. The signs are easy to tell. Nights are getting colder and the alder
leaves are slowly turning color. A few days ago we were still out on the high seas 
trolling for Kings and Cohos. After delivering the last trip to the fish plant and 
scrubbing salmon scales and blood off the deck we were heading home with thoughts 
of the upcoming fall hunting season already spinning through our minds.

Making sure all of my hunters are getting licensed and registered for their upcoming 
hunts is the first step in order among answering everyone's last questions about their 

 Nowadays your Non-Resident Class 08 Hunting License, Big Game Metal 
Locking Tags and Tag Records for brown bear, black bear and mountain goat can 
be easily purchased online from your home before you start your trip to Alaska. Even 
the Registration Permits/Harvest Tickets required for brown bear and goat hunters 
are available online free of charge.

First you need to acquire the Class 08 Non-Resident Hunting license if you are not an 
Alaskan Resident. The cost for the Non-Resident hunting license is $85. 
Once you got you hunting license you are ready to buy your big game metal locking 
tag. If you plan on going after brown bear the cost of the tag is $500 and if you are 
after mt. goat your cost will be $300. 

The next step in order after getting the license and tag is the registration permit for 
either brown bear or goat. They are free of charge but are required for both species. 
When applying for your registration permit you have to pay attention to get the right 
permit hunt number. Unit 4 Admiralty Island brown bear hunters select 2014 - RB077 
brown bear registration permit (September 15,2014 - December 31,2014). 

Mountain goat hunters select 2014 - RG013 1(C) remainder August 1,2014 - 
November 30,21014.

One other important fact for brown bear hunters is prior applying for a registration 
permit in unit 4 hunters have to acknowledge on the permit that they watched the 
brown bear video:" Take a closer look".The video is intended to help hunters 
determine the differences between male and female bears in the field. The video 
can be viewed online at ADF&G’s web page by typing “Take a Closer Look” in 
the search box and you will be directed to a link for the video. Or you can type 
http://vimeo.com/30511231 directly into the address bar. The video is also 
available for loan at ADFG offices, and it can be purchased online at http://

Fish & Game is encouraging hunters to watch this video in advance to prevent 
delays in the registration process. For additional questions, please call the Sitka 
Area office at 907-747-5449 or you can call me at 907-209-2109.
To access the Alaska Department of Fish &game website go to

Click on the tab "Buy Licenses&Tags" and follow the easy instructions which will 
guide you first through the Hunting License process. You will need a printer to print 
your hunting license at the end of the process. For the Big Game Tag you will have to 
print the Tag Record but the actual metal locking tag for your species will be mailed 
to from the State of Alaska through the US Mail Service. You need to allow enough 
time for the tag to be delivered before you depart for your hunting trip.
To apply for Registration Permits and Harvest Tickets go back to the main link at
Click on the tab "Get your Permit/Harvest Ticket"
Select the appropriate hunt number for your hunt, follow through the information 
process and in the end don't forget to print your permit. 

For any questions or help with the licensing process you can call me anytime a 907-



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