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2016 Spring Brown Bear Review

Spring came early in 2016. By the time we started hunting the sedge was growing everywhere along the beaches and tidal flats. Bears were already out in numbers foraging for grass when we arrived in our guide use area in unit 4 Admiralty Island on April 25th.
Despite rainy and windy conditions our first two hunters from Pennsylvania were presented with opportunities right from day one. On the evening of day two one of the hunters took a nine foot boar and his partner just one like it on the morning of day three. Weather finally improved for the second hunt but one hunter had to fly back home due to an emergency on the second day of the hunt.
With only one hunter left on the boat we were chasing bears everyday and and settled on a solid 81/2 foot boar with the perfect prime spring coat on the seventh day. With several days left to hunt we decided to move the boat from Admiralty Island over to the Southeast Alaska mainland to try our luck for a large coastal black bear. Two days later we had our bonus 7 foot black bear with the perfect spring coat.  

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