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2016 Mountain Goat Review

Rainy and windy conditions on our first hunt onOctober 16 did not prevent us from being successful on our first climb. 70 year old Skip Donau anchored his 8 1/2 " Billy with a single 425 yard shot on the side of the mountain at the 1000 foot level. His much younger partner connected with a 9 1/2"Billy a couple of days later at an even lower elevation. Sunshine was the norm on the second trip. After one unsuccessful climb Pat Hale made up with his luck taking a 9 5/8"Billy from the beach at 330 yards. The same day his partner took a large bodied nine inch Billy from 430 yards at the 2500' level.

Back to rain and wind on our third hunt. Dan Buckman connected with a huge 10 plus Billy on his second climb while his friend Jeremy Bland took his nine inch Billy on his third climb.

Clear cold weather were the conditions on the fourth hunt middle of November. Kevin Hunt, former successful brown bear hunter of ours was able to bag his mature Billy with a 300 yard shot on his first climb. His buddy Bret Allen also a former bear hunter of ours liked climbing mountains and held off on several climbs before taking a huge bodied Billy at the 2000 foot level right above the boat.

Lack of snow at lower elevations made the fifth and last hunt somewhat harder than usual for physically less able hunters. The two hunters in their sixties were physically very limited. The goats were there we just needed to get them in range. One of the hunters passed up a huge bodied one horned 10"plus Billy badly limping at 400 yards a crossed the slope from us. The other hunter finally got his opportunity on the last day of the hunt with 540 yard beach shot up a steep slope taking down a niece Billy.

After finishing the 2014 and 2015 seasons with 100% success we finished the 2016 season with nine Billies for 10 hunters maintaining our usual nine inch plus average. 

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