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2016 Fall Brown Bear Hunt

The sun was shining when we left town to start out on our annual fall hunt for brown bear. The pink salmon run was poor this season with many creeks having a poor showing of pinks. However sometimes that can be to your advantage leaving bears lesser places to catch their fish.

Bert Hickey ex NYCity firefighter was the first to pull the trigger on a large boar. Bert was sitting on the ground leaning against a tree totally absorbed playing with one of his three compasses when the large boar showed up in the creek closing the distance with each step toward him and his guide Lucas. Lucas got Bert lined up just in time and Bert shot the bear point blank in front of him and putting him down with a mighty death roar. The skinned hide squared 9'4".

Len Onorato our second hunter got a lesson in patience. We hunted several different creeks working down the coast day by day seeing many bears but not the right one. The weatherman forecasted a storm force low coming into the area the next 24 hours as we headed out on the evening hunt. We came to the right creek seeing a couple of males with one sizable bruin coming around the bend of the creek just before dark. He stepped out in full view of us 90 yards away and Len with a good rest over a log put several well placed rounds into the bears vitals before he went down. Just beat the storm with an 8'8" boar heading for safe haven to weather it out.

Finishing with a 100% success rate in 2015 with a 38 year old record bear taken the 2016 Brown Bear Season proved again equally successful with six brown bear taken by six hunters ranging from 8 1/2 to 9'4".. 

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