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2014 Mt. Goat Season Review

When we headed out on our first Mt. Goat hunt on October 16 the weather showed itself from the sunny side. Cruising down Stephens Passage the water was flat calm you could think it was July and not the middle of October. On the other hand the mountains were also completely bare of any snow like in July. Only the taller 5000 foot mountains were snowcapped. We knew the weather was unseasonably warm in the 40ties that even with the upcoming weather change snow up at the 3500 foot altitude was still unlikely to happen. The goats were there in their usual numbers. The rutting season already was in the beginning stage with billies checking out bands of nannies with kids. On our first climb we got lucky and run across a big bodied billy with good head gear which appeared out of nowhere 200 yards slightly up in front of us. We were only at the1400 foot level a little over an hour into our climb. We took advantage of this opportunity and Mike dropped him. It scored 48 1/2  B&C and measured 9 5/8 with heavy bases.  Not a bad way to start out a season. Lucas and his hunter Ron had to make two climbs up to the 4000 foot level when they bagged their nine inch class billy. 
Hunting conditions remained close the same with a little snow accumulation in the higher elevations. We were fortunate again to take a large bodied billy with 8 3/4 horns at a lower than anticipated elevation. Lucas and Carl got a huge 10 inch billy on their second climb at the 2400 foot level. This one too scored B&C.
On the third trip the weather started to cool off a bit and the rut was in full swing. Had our first kill shot from the beach and bagged a 8 1/2 inch billy up 360 yards from the shore. Lucas and me ganged up together with the other hunter and took an old toothless 9 3/8 billy with heavy bases a day later.
Colder Conditions with snow in the upper middle elevations were on the menu for the next trip. The whole fjord was frozen over with up to three inch thick sea ice. Breaking through such heavy ice was not only slow but very hard on our 18 foot Lund skiffs and 40hp Yamaha's. The good side was the goats were down and we were able to down two big bodied billy goats both measuring 9 1/4 right from the beach in a matter of three days. We were fortunate both times to intercept these billies while they were trading mountains. 
With  eight nice billy goats for eight hunters and a 9 1/4 inch average we had another great season. Like the previous year we had to work at it a little to get up to some of the big ones  but were rewarded by doing so.
If you physically prepare yourself at least several month before your hunt you will not only increase your chances to a successful hunt you will also  enjoy your hunt more. You can do so by going on mountain hikes with a pack or if you live in flat countries by climbing stairs, using a Stair Master, jogging and biking. 
The 2015 season is just about booked with only one opening left on the first trip. 
The 2016 Season is 60% booked.
We are limiting our hunts to no more than two hunters and a guide ratio of one one per trip.
Hunts are nine days overall with seven full hunting days. With our "knowhow" and dedication we have been able to produce consistently long haired late season trophy billies over the last 25 years like no other outfit in North America.

Hans Baertlel

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